Tsunami Damage to Coral Reefs Guidelines for Rapid Assessment and Monitoring

Below are the final version (Version 1 January 2005) of the "Guidelines for Rapid Assessment and Monitoring of Tsunami Damage to Coral Reefs", which were prepared by the team of experts from GCRMN, CORDIO, IUCN, Reefbase, ReefCheck, ICRAN working under the umbrella of the International Coral Reef Initiative (ICRI) and the International Society for Reef Studies (ISRS).

These final guidelines replace the previous versions posted on this web site on 17 January and 31 January 2005. They consist of:

  1. the Guidelines in WORD format (566 KB)

  2. the Guidelines in pdf format (1.1 MB)

  3. Data Sheets in EXCEL format (80 KB). Please note that this file comprises 4 individual sheets entitled 'Site', 'Data-Simple', Data-Detailed' and 'Variables'.

Please ensure to communicate these final products to those who are doing rapid assessments of coral reefs in the field.

For further information or comments please contact the UNEP Coral Reef Unit (stefan.hain@unep-wcmc.org).

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